Sacred Elixirs

Sacred Elixirs are an individual crystal therapy that assists you in energising and clearing of your chakras. With Sacred Crystal Elixirs, I combine the vibrational energies of water with the energies and properties of crystals to harness a whole range of healing qualities. I focus on clearing any blockages, balancing your chakras and energising your soul. Each Sacred Elixir is programed to the vibrational frequency of the charka that it is working with.

Crystal elixirs have been used for centuries and are well researched; they can be an effective method of gaining the real benefits of crystal therapy. When a crystal elixir is taken internally, it can have a holistic effect which is released on all energetic levels, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We know how well water can be programmed and store vibrational energies, when combined with the energies and properties of crystals we can then harness a whole range of healing qualities.


Crown – Wisdom
Citrine / Clear Quartz

Crown Chakra is associated with the nervous system, mind and the whole body. The highest chakra represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually. Through your connection to the Divine comes the ability to align with your higher self, giving you power to diminish self-destructive behaviours.  It will allow you to raise your self-esteem and understand where your wisdom lies.

Citrine is a powerful force that is warming, joyful and light-hearted. Clear Quartz acts as an energy boost to power your transformation.


Third Eye – Perception
Amethyst / Clear Quartz

Third Eye Chakra is associated with the brain, head, eyes, face and the endocrine system, our ability to focus on and see the big picture. Learn to cut through the illusion of perfection, by opening yourself to all levels of consciousness. Allow yourself to reach your full potential and enhance your natural abilities.

Amethyst aids calmness, assist in meditation and can help enhance psychic awareness. Clear Quartz will assist in amplifying your awareness of self.


Throat – Truth
Aquamarine / Sodalite


Throat Chakra is associated with the metabolism, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, neck and throat, our ability to communicate. When you speak your truth from a place of love and light you clear the way to creative self-expression, bring clarity to mind and move yourself forward in your transformation.

Aquamarine is excellent for meditation, peace of mind and it radiates calmness. Sodalite aids in dispelling fear and negative conditioning and is excellent for concentration and inspiration.


Heart – Love
Quartz / Moonstone

Heart Chakra is associated with the immune system, lungs, heart, upper back, arms and hands, our ability to love. Opening your heart to the love of the universe will show you that you are the most important being of all. Self-love and an acceptance of who you truly are will assist you in banishing fears, release phobias and allow you to become one with your world.

Rose Quartz relieves anxiety, stress, and is the ultimate “Love” stone. It brings peace, love and self –acceptance. Moonstone assists in lessening the tendency to over react seminally, helps to create a more flexible attitude to allow you to go with the flow.


Solar Plexus – Vitality
Tigers Eye / Chrysoberyl

Solar Plexus Chakra is associated with the digestive system, muscles, middle back and spleen, our ability to be confident and in control of our lives. You can overcome any obstacle on your path with strength and courage and when you find the connection to your personal power you can master your fears, learn to align your heart and soul, and manifest your deepest desires.

Tigers Eye is excellent at grounding and protection; it clears your perception and opens your insight. Chrysoberyl is joyful, it assists with emotional balance and gives a strong sense of vitality.


Sacral – Joy
Carnelian / Sunstone

Sacral Chakra is associated with reproductive organs, lower digestive organs and kidneys. Our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences. Give birth to new ideas, new projects and new energies. Learn to link with your inner child to find the innocent joy in all things around you. Love freely, be true to yourself and be joyful.

Carnelian is the “feel good” stone and it can boost confidence and energy levels, assist you to find the connection between emotion and dis-ease. Sunstone brings positivity, vitality and promotes abundance.


Base – Potential
Garnet / Smoky Quartz

Base Chakra is associated with adrenals, skeleton, skin, blood, large intestine, legs and feet, represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded. “Let your Faith be bigger than your Fear” dissipate all those subconscious blocks and negativity that surrounds you. Move through these changes and challenges that are in your life with grace to reach your full potential. Become that being of love, light and abundance that is waiting for you.

Garnet enhances imagination, love and compassion. Helps to harmonize all chakras. Smoky Quartz protects grounds and can enhance dream awareness and channelling abilities.

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