Reiki Healing

Healing through Reiki is a way of balancing your whole body, mind and soul. Sometimes we feel un-connected to our life and it seems that we are just going through the motions. With the healing powers of Reiki you will feel lighter, happier and stronger.

Quick history of Reiki healing

Energy healing has been around for centuries, but it was Dr Mikao Usui that first named this type of healing ‘Reiki.’ ‘Rei’ in Japanese means God’s wisdom or Higher Power; ‘Ki’ means life force energy.

Reiki works on the seven Chakras, starting from the Crown Chakra and ending at the Base Chakra. Each one of these energy centres are related to different parts of our bodies and when they become blocked or over used can it interrupt the flow of the Chai in our bodies which can lead to disease.

Each chakra has its own symbol and colour that lend power to the energy of the Reiki when you are using it. Thus, you can evoke the energies of the chakra by wearing the colour associated with that particular chakra or by drawing the symbol on piece of paper and carrying it with you. A Japanese technique that helps you relax and reduce stress to heal your mind and body, Reiki is done by “laying the hands” on the person to be healed.

Why choose to have a Reiki treatment?

Reiki treatment is most recommended to those who frequently feels tension, fear, anxiety, and other heavy negative feelings. It is also offers positive solutions to illnesses such as colds, stomach aches, and colds. As your Reiki master, I will help you release all these negative feelings and make your feel radiant, happy, and energised.

Reiki is natural, safe, and simple method of healing one’s self. For centuries, it has been known to cure various illnesses and maladies. Another benefit of using Reiki is that it works along with other therapeutic techniques to minimise side effects and quicken recovery.

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  • $70 (one hour)
  • $50 (half hour)


I will be placing my hands on you or near your body, particularly your head, feet, shoulders, and stomach, in a variety of hand positions. You shall be fully clothed and comfortable at all times.

While it is spiritual in nature, Reiki is not a religion and a reiki master like me will not force you to enter into any spiritual belief. You will be encouraged to support your own beliefs and make decisions based on your own beliefs. Reiki masters like me will encourage you to live harmoniously with others.

Yes. As your Reiki master, I will adjust to your condition and make sure that the healing process will contribute nothing but to improve your situation.

Reiki Healing / Treatment
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