Spirit Communication

I am a Psychic and a Medium, some call “Medium” being a clairvoyant, but I like to call myself a Medium as this is how I view my role as a “Medium” in which spirit communicate with their loved ones on this earthly plane. I see is as being:-

“From spirit -Them, Through spirit – Me, and To spirit – You”

This way it is pure and comes direct from them with no ego involved, and this makes more sense to me than then saying “clairvoyant” as this is really explains how you communicate with spirit, through sight, hearing, feelings, smell and taste.

Spirits are all very unique, different and special just like us and so we need to allow them to connect us in the way that is best suited to them, because when you try to do it your way it blocks the flow as ego becomes involved.

There is never any right or wrong way to connect and communicate with spirit there is only Healing.


Helen x